我们知道找到一个可以称之为家的地方很重要, and the Bath Academy Team is happy to provide advice and guidance on the options available to our students. There is a range of residences available in Bath to suit individual preferences and budgets.

We believe that a comfortable, clean and safe place to stay whilst students study is extremely important, therefore we aim to provide comfortable and secure accommodation for students to make the most of their time with us.



kitchen table
Kitchen at Oxford House. 更多照片请见页面底部的图片库.

我们的长期学生住宿包括一个迷人的, 位于市中心的乔治亚式住宅. At Oxford house we offer full board accommodation for students who are 14+ years of age. Residence staff members are always present to ensure students’ safety, happiness and progress.

Oxford House has both single and shared rooms which are allocated on a strictly ‘first come, first served’ basis. The bedrooms are well furnished, centrally heated and are cleaned each week, including new bed linen. All houses are non-smoking.


距离学校和市中心步行10分钟, Bath Academy’s Student Residence offers classic accommodation in beautiful Grade 1 Listed Georgian buildings. Ideally positioned, students have the benefit of living in a historical house with modern amenities close to the city’s central hub.


Our Student Residence has an experienced chef who serves home-cooked meals for every dietary and cultural requirement. Students are served three meals a day with a cooked breakfast on the weekends.

Our chef will try their best to cater to special requirements with proper notice given, 我们希望学生们能灵活地对待他们对食物的期望. Trying new food and eating hot meals together in the evenings is an important aspect of student life, 并为那些远离家乡的人提供一个“家庭”的环境.


Our student residences are equipped with alarms and cameras on all entry and exit points to ensure our students’ safety at all times.


  • Full-board accommodation with resident members of staff and experienced, in-house chef
  • 10-minute walk to the college
  • Room cleaned once a week
  • 床单和毛巾每周更换一次
  • Laundry arrangement once a week
  • Wi-Fi connection provided
  • 周末的社交活动

学院宿舍只在学期期间开放. Please refer to Bath Academy TERM DATES FOR ACADEMIC YEAR.  

学院住宿视乎名额而定. 所有价格都可以在我们的费用中找到 page.

Homestay Accommodation (ages 16+)

Bath Academy arranges accommodation in Bath with caring and responsible homestay providers. Living in homestay accommodation, students are able to learn more about British customs and traditions and gain additional conversational practice. 主人把学生当作家庭的正式成员对待, 一起吃饭,共享共同的生活区域. All homestays are visited personally and interviewed in order to ensure they satisfy our criteria:

  • Single room or shared rooms with an adequately sized bed (bunk beds may be used by students under 16 years old)
  • 一个寄宿家庭一次不得超过三个学生
  • 全餐(早餐,盒装午餐) & 晚餐及午餐由vip贵宾会提供)
  • Located within the city of Bath (can be reached by walking or 30 minutes by public transport*)
  • 有足够的挂衣架和抽屉空间和存放衣物的地方
  • A table or desk and chair for studying (either in the bedroom or in the main part of the house)
  • 每日进出带浴缸或淋浴的浴室
  • Room cleaned once a week
  • 床单和毛巾每周更换一次
  • Laundry access once a week
  • Wi-Fi connection provided
  • 英语是家庭的主要语言

*目前,成人公交卡的价格为每周20英镑,成人为每周12英镑.80 for young people under 21. More information can be found here. 

寄宿家庭的住宿视乎是否可用. All prices can be found on our fees page.

想成为一个寄宿家庭的主人? Click here for more details.

Privately Arranged Accommodation

雅芳工作室是新生生活的一部分, and are registered with ANUK and the National Code of assured accommodation.

For students aged 18+ there are private student halls of residence in Bath. 这是一个受欢迎的选择,因为学生的社区氛围, 帐单通常包括在租金内, 他们在保险箱里提供了独立性, secure environment.

离vip贵宾会最近的宿舍是 Avon Studios.

They offer spacious and modern accommodation in studio apartments and are a great choice for those who want their own space with access to a social space and options to participate in weekly social activities.

雅芳工作室:(用于照片或虚拟之旅 click here).

  • 离学院只有10分钟的步行路程
  • 每间工作室都配有一张双人床, a mini-kitchen, storage space, great study area, and en-suite bathroom
  • Features vary between accommodation options; city views and balcony access
  • Reasonably priced
  • 电视休息室,台球桌和户外社交空间


  • 如果你选择这个选项,vip贵宾会的学生得到3.第一期租金5%的折扣.
  • 您的租赁合同是与新生生活, not Bath Academy, 任何租赁问题都将由他们直接处理.
  • vip贵宾会不能做你的担保人.
  • 找到他们详细的预订要求 here.

*They currently offer flexible tenancy policies for 2020-21 due to the uncertainty around the Coronavirus, 所以你可以自信地预订(click here for more details).

Studio Apartments:

Other Accommodation

We recommend that students stay in accommodation provided by Bath Academy to gain the most from their experience in Bath. However, we understand that some students may prefer to arrange their own accommodation.

Bath is a popular holiday destination there is a range of hotels and guest houses both in and near the town. You can click on the link for a list of hotels and guest houses on the official local tourism website: Visit Bath

The College does not monitor accommodation arranged privately and is unable to make recommendations.

If you prefer to arrange your own accommodation then please consider the following points

  •  Can I afford the accommodation?
  •  餐费包括什么, gas and electricity bills, 水费——如果我自己支付水电费, how much should I budget for?
  •  这个价格包括财产保险吗?
  •  Is there internet connectivity in the accommodation and if so is there an extra cost?
  •  Are bed linen, 是否提供毛巾和厨房用具, 学校有提供我可以购买的包吗?
  •  什么是市政税,我需要支付吗?
  •  If I have a car, are there parking facilities and if so, is an extra cost attached?
  •  Am I required to pay a deposit? 如果是的话,它是多少钱和它的用途?
  •  What are the payment terms?
  •  什么是担保人,我需要担保人吗?
  •  是否有公共居住空间,如果有,是否足够?
  •  我是否想要或真的需要套房供应,我能负担得起吗?
  •  住宿的学生可能是什么样的?
  •  我可以练习和提高我的英语吗?
  •  如果我签了一份联合合同,我的责任会有所不同吗?
  •  住宿提供良好的社交机会吗?
  •  住宿的管理和安全安排是怎样的?
  •  食物供应的安排是怎样的?
  •  我准备好打扫房间和倒垃圾了吗?
  •  假期的住宿安排是怎样的?
  •  合同的期限适合我的学习期限吗?
  •  住宿地点在哪里?
  •  运输环节是什么,成本又是什么?


Here are some frequently asked questions and answers students ask us about accommodation. If you don’t see your question here, please contact us directly and we’ll do our best to answer it.

1. 我应该什么时候开始找地方住?

一旦你收到vip贵宾会的录取通知书, 我们可以帮你开始安排住宿. 如果你自己安排私人住宿, 我们建议您仍然等待您的报价信收到, 你到英国的日期已经确定了.

2. 私人租赁通常要花多少钱?

根据房产的不同方面,成本差别很大. Be sure to check whether things like bills and internet are included with your monthly rent or not. 有些地方提供餐饮和非餐饮的选择. 巴斯的月租金在500英镑到1500英镑之间.

3. 我需要提供担保人的详细资料吗?

Students who accept an offer of accommodation for a room with Avon Studios will need to provide a guarantor reference.

A guarantor should be a responsible person who will be accountable for paying your rent and any damages should you be unable to make the payments. By signing the tenancy your guarantor will accept joint responsibility for the financial aspects of the tenancy agreement.

你的担保人必须在英国永久居住和工作. If you cannot provide a guarantor you can choose to pay the full rental fee up front at the start of the contract

4. vip贵宾会有谁能当我的担保人吗?



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